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IFRS 9: Real World Lessons from an Early Adopter

16 February 2017

Join Reval, EY and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in a webinar where we cover the practical issues that organisations will face during implementation of IFRS 9 and key considerations for the process.

Attendees will also hear from early adopters JLR as we interview them about their implementation procedure, their practical views on the impact of the standard, the associated challenges they have faced and their future plans.

In addition, Reval and EY will share industry insights gleaned from companies that have already adopted the standard.

How to Safeguard Your Treasury Against Cybercrime

16 November 2016

Cyber security is not just an IT concern. Treasury, IT, audit and finance need to collaborate to counter any threats to protect their organisation’s financial data. In short, treasurers need comprehensive cyber security plans that not only mitigate the risk of cybercrime but also offer detailed steps on how to detect security breaches quickly, and react swiftly and appropriately. Join experts from Reval and PwC for our complimentary webinar where we will discuss:

  • The rise in cybercrime and the damaging effects to organisations
  • The need to make security a top priority for your treasury department
  • Anti-fraud measures that treasurers can take to guard their information
  • How moving your treasury solution to the Cloud can help increase your cash visibility, control of your processes and mitigate the risk of security breaches
  • Ways to ensure your technology is robust and fit for the future

Presenters: Daphne Smets (PwC), Jacqui Drew (Reval)

Bank Account MIS-Management: Getting your BAM & FBAR on Track (Cash series - Part 3/3)

9 November 2016

  •  Bank Account Management - Best practices
  • Automation: eBAM state of affairs
  • FBAR with BAM workflow and process

Presenters: Mousa Khouri (Actualize Consulting), Ryan Heaslip (Reval)

Optimise Your Finance Function

26 October 2016

  • Market Updates: Outlook on financial markets and how changing FX & IR markets can quickly impact your bottom line and ways to protect against it
  • How to attain more accurate cash flow forecasting and gain better visibility of your exposures, allowing for better decision making
  • Case studies – Why Excel is a deficient tool when managing a fast growing and dynamic business; and how systemisation can facilitate proactive, robust planning to identify potential liquidity pitfalls
  • How embracing technology can enable you to scale up your business efficiently

Presenters: Alex Gelman (Grant Thornton), Thomas Averill (Rochford), Gaurav Jain (Reval)

Cash Positioning & Forecasting: Planning for the Known and Unknown (Cash series – Part 2/3)

19 October 2016

Join us as we walk you through inputs, strategies, and reporting that will help you manage your cash. Moving full-circle from forecasting, to positioning, to comparisons with actual results, to refining the forecast is a key process when planning for the known, and for the unknown.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to get a clear view of cash on hand
  • Strategic placement of idle cash
  • How to gather cash forecast information internally
  • Variance analysis to gauge accuracy of forecasts
  • Scenario analysis to build out longer-term plans and contingency plans

Presenters: Hubert Sy (Actualize Consulting), Dennis Carey (Reval)

FX Analytics: Closing the Gap Between How Companies Value and Manage FX

5 October 2016

Join experts from Reval and Deloitte, who will share:

  • How leading treasuries are providing deep insights into FX risks impacting their financial results and business performance
  • How treasury teams can validate the commercial effectiveness of their hedging strategies
  • Steps treasuries can take to avoid currency-related value erosion
  • Technologies and techniques that treasuries can leverage for holistic FX risk management, analysis and reporting

Presenters: Niklas Bergentoft (Deloitte & Touche), Richard Brooks (Deloitte & Touche), Sanjay Thoppil (Reval)

Cash and Liquidity Management: Building Your Way Out of the Darkness (Cash Series - Part 1/3)

28 September 2016

Are you in charge of managing cash and liquidity in your organization, but have little to no control over the information you need to make sound decisions? Join Reval & Actualize Consulting to hear the strategies and solutions some leading companies are using to:

  • Gain full visibility into corporate cash activities and balances
  • Deliver data in ways that make sense for their companies
  • Re-engineer cash management structures to meet the liquidity demands of their global business

Presenters: Eric Kaplan (Reval), Radullian Pop (Actualize Consulting)

Regulation 385 Compliance: What You Can Do Now

13 September 2016

Reval and EY will discuss Proposition 385 and the supporting processes and technologies treasuries can leverage today to avoid compliance fallout. Topics covered will include:

  • Impacts of proposed changes
    Instruments covered,
  • Documentation requirements
    Building a structured process to achieve compliance
  • Leveraging technology to build controls and support compliance

Presenters: Ryan Heaslip (Reval), Ehren Moeller (EY), and Joon-Woo Song (EY)

Challenging the Status Quo: Emerging Trends in Treasury Technology

10 August 2016

During this 45 minute webinar, Reval & Global Treasury Partners share market perspectives on key trends driving treasuries to evaluate their current use of technology. Topics covered included:

  • How the latest in treasury technology addresses global market dynamics
  • Recent innovations in treasury technology offerings
  • Common factors driving global treasury organizations to explore a TMS change
  • How to determine whether or not to embark on a TMS change

Presenters: Ryan Gaylor & Ari Morris (Global Treasury Partners)

Financial Risk Management In A Volatile Market

27 June 2016

For treasurers in today's turbulent times, controlling financial risks across geographies and asset classes is more challenging than ever before. In this complimentary 45 minute webinar, Reval and Zanders will discuss risk management strategies in times of high volatility and tools that are available to do this efficiently.

Presenters: Sander Van Tol (Zanders), Jacqui Drew (Reval)

In-House Banking: Strategies for Increasing Treasury Efficiency With Cloud Based Technology

23 March 2016

For companies dealing with multiple business units or handling larger volumes of transactions, in-house banking is on the rise. In this webinar, treasuries looking to put in place an in-house bank will hear how organisations save costs and transaction fees and put idle cash to work for them.

Attendees will hear from Reval and PwC as we share insights gleaned from the hundreds of companies we have worked with that have established in-house banking structures and the value it has brought to them.

This webinar will cover:

  • Principal advantages of in-house banking
  • Challenges you may face when establishing an in-house bank
  • Cloud technology and its role in streamlining the process.

Presenters: Sanjay Bibekar (PwC UK), Rodrigue Gabriel (Reval)

Signs Your Treasury System's Days Are Numbered

17 December 2015

Many treasury organizations are struggling with operations that run on excel macros or outdated legacy systems. These systems and processes often work to a point, but there are clear indicators that signal it's time to move on.

Join Richard Oxley, Treasury Manager at Amcor for this webinar which will highlight:

  • Key indicators for needing a new system
  • Amcor's approach to building requirements, and
  • What to know when evaluating new technology that can scale with your growing needs

Presenters: Richard Oxley (Amcor), Justin Brimfield (Reval)

IFRS 9- Market Trends and Best Practice for the Road to Adoption

18 November 2015

With EU endorsement of IFRS 9 expected shortly, and the standard already adopted in Canada, companies should review how to gain a competitive advantage through early adoption.

In this webinar, experts from Reval and Lloyds Bank will discuss how the standard impacts hedge accounting and how to comply with IFRS 9.

The webinar will:

  • Outline the key changes from IAS 39 to IFRS 9
  • Discuss the major benefits and challenges
  • Review best practice for early adoption
  • Look at the tools available to support adoption

Presenters: Colin McKee (Lloyds Banking Group), Jacqui Drew (Reval)

Getting Ready for FRS 102: Valuation and Hedge Accounting

7 October 2015

FRS 102 is the new financial reporting standard that will replace all of the current FRSs and SSAPs. Organisations reporting under UK GAAP will have to do their year-end reporting under the new standard - or they can move directly to IFRS 9.

In our 30 minute webinar, experts from Reval and our guest speaker from Deloitte will discuss how FRS 102 impacts financial reporting and what best practices and tools are available to help you to ensure compliance and a smooth audit.

Presenters: Helen Shaw (Deloitte), Amy Su (Reval)

The End of Cheap Credit- Why Prudent Interest Rate Management Matters Today for Corporate Treasurers

10 September 2015

Is your debt portfolio growing to a point where your current payment and management process can’t keep up? Does the prediction of the end of low interest rates mean that you need to revise your IR management strategy?

Whilst issuers are taking advantage of the favourable borrowing conditions, the end of cheaper credit may soon come to an end as banks around the world look to make the predicted rise in interest rates the 'new normal'. With this predicated rate rise, the costs of issuing both short and long term debt will also rise.

In this webinar, Reval experts will discuss leading practices and considerations for corporates' long-term debt strategy and how to safely and efficiently manage debt risk and interest rate risk.

Presenters: Patrik Heimolainen (Reval), Ryan Gaylor (Reval)